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NBA Draft Aftermath: Initial Thoughts

Well that was both interesting and confusing.  Tonight, David Kahn reminded us all of that nerdy guy in our fantasy football/baseball league that is constantly on the phone trying to wheel ‘n deal, feverishly attempting to make shrewd trade offers to … Continue reading

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Draft Night: Thoughts on the Rubio Presser, Rambis Firing, Last Minute Mock Draft Update

With the 2011 NBA Draft finally happening tonight, it gives us a chance to reflect on all that has happened in Timberwolves Nation over the past few weeks.  If nothing else, we can say it has been an exciting time … Continue reading

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Lynx Could Steal the Show This Summer

I, just like many male sports fans — and I’m sure some female ones as well — across the country, am guilty of poking fun at the WNBA from time to time.  We make jokes about how Darko Milicic belongs in the WNBA, how … Continue reading

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The Worst Year in Minnesota Sports… Ever?

We named our blog ‘Land of 10,000 Losses’ to chronicle how difficult it is at times to be a Minnesota sports fan and to make light of the idea that all of our sports teams (ever since the 1991 Twins) have … Continue reading

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Harmon Killebrew 1936-2011

No matter how terrible this year has been for our Minnesota sports teams on the field, court and ice, losing someone like Harmon Killebrew to cancer really puts things in perspective for us fans. It’s easy to laud him for … Continue reading

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NBA Draft Preview: Whom Will the Wolves Target?

As we talked about before, the Timberwolves finished 2011 with the NBA’s worst record, therefore earning the best chance to land the No. 1 pick in this summer’s NBA draft. They have a 25.0% chance of winning the draft lottery, … Continue reading

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Why Christian Ponder Was the Correct Pick

Watching the fan reaction on television as well as my peers’ reaction all over my Facebook news feed tonight, it’s clear that the Vikings’ selection of former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder was mostly unexpected, and for many, an unpopular pick.  … Continue reading

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