Your 2013 Minnesota Twins recap

Well, that was a fun year, said no one ever. Listen, this team has no attractive storylines. None. When Sano and Buxton get up they will be worth your time again but until then just ignore the All Star Game next year. Seriously, it won’t be worth it. Don’t give them a dime.

Am I bitter? Yes. But it doesn’t mean I’m not right.

But also… I think the Twins are OK long-term. They have bottomed out three years in a row. Things suck. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. They have drafted and developed well finally. I don’t know what happened in those intervening years but the fact that there were like zero acceptable prospects between when Joe Mauer came up like 8 years ago and today is a really, really, really sad statement. Seriously, people want to blame the Twins problems on letting Cuddyer and Gomez go, but what the heck happened to our farm system for 5-7 years? Where did the talent go?

And with that… your 2013 Minnesota Twins (with my projections revisited)

1. Aaron Hicks, CF

Projected: 75/10/50/.240/18

Actual: 37/8/27/.192/9

Nothing better illustrates this season than those numbers. Nothing.

2. Joe Mauer, C

Projected: 80/10/72/.307/5

Actual: 62/11/47/.324/0

If he’s not on the field it’s hard to produce. 113 games is just not enough.

3. Josh Willingham, LF

Projected: 65/22/80/.243/4

Actual: 42/14/48/.208/1

Preseason I wrote, “I think we should have sold high on Willingham, just don’t see a repeat of last year. Hope I’m wrong.” Well… I wasn’t.

4. Justin Morneau, 1B

Projected: 70/22/80/.265/0

Actual: 56/17/74/.259/0

Again, I wrote: “However, I see a decent bounceback for Morneau. We’re never going to see anything approaching MVP value again, but I think we will see 20 homeruns again and a solid-enough average. Even if this is a poor four-slot slash.” Minus the trade to the Pirates I pretty much nailed that one, too.

5. Ryan Doumit, DH

Projected: 50/13/55/.252/2

Actual: 49/14/55/.247/1

Just look at those exciting projections. Maybe I should have projected actual good stats and somebody would have reached them…

6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B

Projected: 60/24/62/.238/4

Actual: 44/14/52/.254/2

Gawd, we have terrible hitters.

7. Chris Parmelee, RF

Projected: 65/15/65/.260/1

Actual: 21/8/24/.228/1

I thought he was going to do something this year…. lol

8. Brian Dozier, 2B

Projected: 62/7/52/.245/14

Actual: 72/18/66/.244/14

Who knew Dozier had power? This was actually a good season from the guy, but A) I fear this is as good as we’re going to get, and B) it ain’t that good.

9. Pedro Florimon, SS

Projected: 50/3/42/.225/12

Actual: 44/9/44/.221/15

Absolutely nothing to see here.

Other guy

Oswaldo Arcia

No projections

Actual: 34/14/43/.251/1

It was good to see him up, but 117 Ks in 351 AB has to be worked out. The guy has some talent, which is nice.

And honestly the rest of our hitters aren’t even worth comments.

Starting Pitchers (with projections W-L/ERA/WHIP/K)

1. Vance Worley, RHP

Projected: 8-11/4.20/1.32/120

Actual: 1-5/7.21/1.99/25

Vance who?

2. Scott Diamond, LHP

Projected: 10-12/4.42/1.38/99

Actual: 6-13/5.43/1.52/52

Man, the top of our rotation did swell this year, didn’t they?

3. Mike Pelfrey, RHP

Projected: 5-11/4.85/1.48/85

Actual: 5-13/5.19/1.55/101

The funny thing is that I was listening to Terry Ryan talk about the season and he made it sound like Pelfrey was assured of a spot in the rotation for next year… what?!

4. Liam Hendriks, RHP

Projected: 6-13/5.25/1.48/92

Actual: 1-3/6.85/1.71/34

I said before the season that he had a shot at Bonderman’s 20-loss season, which probably would have been true if he got that many starts…

5. Kevin Correia, RHP

Projected: 7-12/4.95/1.45/82

Actual: 9-13/4.18/1.42/101

What I said before the year: “I’m actually OK with Correia as a placeholder. It’s just that he might be holding that place for a long, long time.” Check and mate.

Other guys:

Kyle Gibson

Projected: 4-6/5.20/1.50/50

Actual: 2-4/6.53/1.75/29

Cole DeVries

Projected: 3-9/5.55/1.52/75

Actual: 0-2/10.80/2.07/12

Man, those guys really came to our aid, didn’t they?

Of course there were others who came out of nowhere to “help” our starting pitching:

Andrew Albers

No projections

Actual: 2-5/4.05/1.18/25

Samuel Deduno

No projections

Actual: 8-8/3.83/1.35/67

Pedro Hernandez

No projections

Actual: 3-3/6.83/1.82/29

Deduno and Correia are the only two guys I want to see in this rotation next year. I realize that Gibson should probably be given another chance to come around, but at some point there just needs to be a cleaning house of guys who have no future and that’s honestly most of the guys out there. Deduno might actually have a future and Correia is acceptable in the present. The rest are just sad.

 Bullpen (with projections ERA/WHIP/K)

 Closer: Glen Perkins, LHP

Projected: 35 saves, 3.20/1.18/70

Actual: 36 saves, 2.30/0.93/77

Yep, at least we have a closer!

Jared Burton, RHP

Projected: 3.65/1.22/40, plus 28 holds

Actual: 3.82/1.26/61, plus 27 holds

And not a great setup man!

Brian Duensing, LHP

Projected: 3.90/1.34/62, plus 22 holds

Actual: 3.98/1.48/56, plus 15 holds

Other guys

Caleb Thielbar

No projections

Actual: 1.76/0.83/39 in 49 games

Anthony Swarzak

No projections

Actual: 2.91/1.16/69 in 48 games

Ryan Pressly

No projections

Actual: 3.87/1.28/49 in 49 games

Casey Fien

No projections

Actual: 3.92/1.02/73 in 73 games

And there were some other dudes but, let’s be honest, beyond that I just don’t care. Thielbar is interesting. The rest are OK. But on the Twins OK is next to godliness so actually our bullpen is fine. Unfortunately, the bullpen is the easiest part of a team to build… so…


Before the season I projected the Twins to go 60-102. They outdid me and went 66-96. Yay.

But it probably should have been worse. They did OK early in the season and completely fell apart as things went along. We have holes everywhere.

The good news is that things should start getting better next year. Another year of development for Hicks, Arcia, Sano, Buxton, Rosario, as well as Thielbar, Berrios, Meyer, May and Gibson should provide SOMETHING to look forward to. Not that I see them winning many games next year… maybe 72… but the stage is set for something; it’s just a matter of whether it’ll be squandered, or whether it will be in 2016 or 2026.

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