Week 12 Fantasy Pickups – Jacquizz Could Be Playoff Gem

It may seem weird to spotlight a backup running back when no injury has occurred to the starter – but in this case, there’s reason to believe Jacquizz Rodgers could still star with Michael Turner in the lineup.  For starters, Rodgers played more snaps than Turner on Sunday (31 to 23), and was the only running back used in the 4-minute offense to close out the game.  Sure, you’re probably thinking that’s nice, but Turner still gets all of the short yardage and goal-line work – wrong!  Rodgers’ lone touchdown came from 5 yards out on a 3rd-and-1 – two situations in which you’d expect Turner to get the nod.

Need more convincing?  Well, I can’t say I have clear-cut evidence that Rodgers will be as valuable as I suspect he will, but I will tell you this – he should continue to see the majority of the work each week. Why?  Well, consider the fact that the Falcons own a 4 game lead in the division, and a 2 game lead in the conference, so they’ll likely continue to lighten Turner’s workload to save him for the playoffs.  Plus, if they clinch a first round bye before week 16, there will be no reason for them to play any starters, so Rodgers would likely get 20+ touches in weeks 16 and 17 (fantasy championship weeks).  And even if they aren’t able to clinch before then, their schedule is so soft anyway that Rodgers could still average double digit fantasy points in the exact same role he has now.  No disrespect, but nothing about games vs. NO, @CAR, vs. NYG, @DET, and vs. TB, scares me.  Give Rodgers a chance and he could be the reason you win the ‘ship.

QB – Colin Kaepernick – SF – He’s officially been named the starter, and I don’t see anyway he loses the job – barring injury.  If you somehow made it this far without a quality, reliable QB, kudos to you, but Kaepernick should be your guy the rest of the season.

WR – Ryan Broyles – DET – If Titus Young can’t keep his head on straight, Broyles will undoubtedly be taking his place in the starting lineup.  He looked great against Houston on Thanksgiving – going for 6 Rec – 126 Yds – 0 Tds on 12 targets.

WR – Mohamed Sanu – CIN – 4 TDs in the last 3 weeks is enough to make him own-able.  It’d be nice to see the yardage totals rise (he’s only gone over 30 yards once this season), but with so much attention paid to A.J. Green in the redzone, Sanu could continue to benefit.

WR – Justin Blackmon – JAX – Cecil Shorts did have the better game again, but I’m assuming he’s already owned.  So, praise Chad Henne!  Finally, someone is willing to throw it up and let Blackmon make a play.  He responded with 5 Rec – 62 Yds – 1TD on 6 targets.

WR – Julian Edelman – NE – With Grokowski out, Branch cut, and Lloyd doing his best Ochocinco impresssion, Edelman has emerged as a valuable tool for Tom Brady.  He’s pretty much Wes Welker Jr., so don’t expect big plays down the field, but the YAC ability is clearly there.

RB – Bryce Brown – PHI – Had a monster game filling in for LeSean McCoy, on Monday Night Football against the Panthers – 178 yards and 2 TDs.  So, I guess he’s worth the add on the outside chance McCoy misses another game, but I expect McCoy back, and that means back to back-up duty for Brown.

RB – Shane Vereen – NE – Still behind Ridley, but if something happens to him, Vereen could put up monster numbers in his absence.  He’s still own-able in his current role, but he won’t be startable unless something happens to Ridley, or if the Patriots clinch a bye early.

RB – Michael Bush – CHI – Will get the start if Forte misses this weeks’ game against the Seahawks.  Not a great matchup, but he does have a nose for the goal-line.

RB – Beanie Wells – ARI – May have had a solid game against the Rams on Sunday, but he’s still awful.  That being said, if he can somehow find his way into the endzone every week, he’s going to be startable – although I wouldn’t count on it.

RB – Bilal Powell – NYJ – I debated about spotlighting him this week because I also feel like he could be a fantasy playoff gem.  He’s received double-digit rushing attempts in each of the last two weeks and has responded with 82 yards and 3 TDs.  Plus, he also benefits from a soft schedule the rest of the way – vs. ARI, @JAX, @TEN, vs. SD, @BUF.

RB – Knowshon Moreno – DEN – Man, does it suck to be wrong.  Up until Sunday morning, I was positive Ronnie Hillman was going to shine this week.  And even after it was announced that Moreno would start, I still believed Hillman would have a better day.  Shame on me.  It looks like it will in fact be Moreno that carries the load in McGahee’s absence.

TE – Kyle Rudolph – MIN – Welcome back to relevance, Kyle Rudolph.  Maybe the Vikings are finally figuring out that after Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, Rudolph is their best offense weapon by a long shot.

DEF – NYJ vs. Arizona – Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh – Green Bay vs. Minnesota – Carolina vs. Kansas City – Dallas vs. Philadelphia – New England vs. Miami – Cleveland vs. Oakland

Good luck to everyone this week!  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter!

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