Week 1 Fantasy Pick-ups – Breakout Stars or One-Week Wonders?

With the first week of NFL games in the book, it’s time for fantasy owners to hit the waiver wire; where fantasy championships are truly won.  If you’ve ever played fantasy football before, you know it’s just as critical to ‘hit’ on your free agent additions, as it is to ‘hit’ on draft day.  Week 1 usually breeds more league-wide activity than any other week in the season; and rightfully so.  You never know if your next addition will turn into Peyton Hillis (circa 2010) or just another one-week wonder.  So which players made a splash in week 1, and more importantly, who could lead owners to a title?

QB – Mark Sanchez – NYJ – I’ll have to admit, didn’t think there was any chance I’d be mentioning a Jets QB here after the preseason they just had.  But, if I had to guess at which one it would be, it would have been that Tebow fella, no doubt.  Sure, Sanchez had a good game against an improved Bills defense, but his production was and will continue to be tied to TDs.  The Jets are still a run-first team, so expect inconsistencies if you do choose to pickup or start Sanchez in the future.

WR – Kevin Ogletree – DAL – Obviously, when the week 1 leader in fantasy points by a WR is owned in less than 3% of fantasy leagues, he’s going to make this list, and draw comparisons to Victor Cruz.  However, allow me to put those comparisons to rest; for now anyway.  Yes, Ogletree had a great game last Thursday night, and led the Cowboys in targets.  But keep in mind that Jason Witten wasn’t at full strength, Miles Austin was coming off a hamstring injury, and the Giants secondary was seriously depleted.  That being said, he’s still worth the add for week 2, but temper expectations.

WR -Stephen Hill – NYJ – He definitely proved the kind of big-play receiver he can be, but again, he’s the number 2 option on a run-first team, and at any moment it could be Tebow-time.  Still, I think I’d rather take a flier on him than Ogletree.  At least with Hill, you can count on a couple deep shots every game to keep teams from stacking the box; and you saw what he did with the ones he got in week 1.

WR – Randall Cobb – GB – Didn’t find the end zone, but it was intriguing to see the way he was used.  Cobb lined up all over the field and even took six snaps from the backfield.  It’s quite possible the Packers want to use Cobb as their Percy Harvin or Darren Sproles; utilize match-ups against linebackers, and get him the ball in space.  Also worth noting, he caught all 9 passes thrown his way.

WR – Alshon Jeffery – CHI – A very late 46 yard bomb for a TD accounted for nearly all of his fantasy points, but he’ll continue to get single coverage with teams focused on Brandon Marshall.  So, might not be bad addition if you miss out on the other 3 guys.

WR/RB – Dexter McCluster – KC – I lobbied hard for him after the Jamaal Charles injury last season, and boy did I get burned.  Still, new year, new reason to be optimistic.  The Chiefs are finally trying to find ways to get him the ball as a receiver.  He led the team with 10 targets, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets similar looks next week against Buffalo – a team that just got abused by the Jets.

RB – Alfred Morris – WAS – Surprise, surprise.  There’s another relatively unknown running back putting up big numbers under Mike Shanahan.  History tells us not to buy into this performance because he could be inactive next week.  But, you know what, if Shanahan ever sinks his teeth into riding ONE running back, fantasy owners will have themselves quite the pickup.  So he’s definitely worth an add, but I wouldn’t start him just yet.

RB – Knowshon Moreno – DEN – Was promoted to number 2 on the depth chart just days before the season opener, and scored a TD on Sunday night.  No, he won’t have much of an impact while McGahee is in there, but he’s just one injury away from being start-able in fantasy.

TE – Dennis Pitta – BAL – Had a solid game and great TD catch against the Bengals on Monday night.  Could benefit from the new up-tempo pass-heavy Ravens offense.

TE – Martellus Bennett – NYG – Eli has always made big TEs into viable fantasy starters, and Bennett is clearly the best athlete he’s ever had at the position.

K – Greg Zuerlein – STL – Only reason I mention him is because he has a HUGE leg.  If you get bonus points for long field goals, it might not be a bad idea to add this guy.

DEF – Sorry, but this needs to be said – unless you own the 49ers defense, you should be rotating defenses every week to take advantage of match-ups.  And this year, those cupcake match-ups might be more obvious than ever! Target any team playing against the Browns, Dolphins, Cardinals, Jaguars, and Seahawks – in that order.  Therefore, this weeks defenses to add are the Bengals, Raiders, Patriots, Texans, and Cowboys.

Good luck to everyone this week!  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter!

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