10KL Chronicles: More Fantasy Baseball Talk

We here at Land of 10,000 Losses are constantly debating about sports, particularly Minnesota-centric. This can be arguing with each other, or just generally having a conversation. 10KL Chronicles are excerpts pulled from our chats that we think you may have an interest in reading if you’re bored, have an interest in the particular subject, or you’re just a creepy stalker of Scherber and you want to read his every written word.

The first edition is a chat that took place last night. You are more than welcome to add your comments on this WordPress post or on the Facebook/Twitter links.

Thoughts on this keeper team I’ve assembled? Starred players were kept, 12 keepers total. standard 5×5 league with OBP instead of AVG

C- Buster Posey*, Miguel Montero*
1b- Ike Davis, Todd Helton, Yonder Alonso
2b- Dustin Pedroia*, Dustin Ackley*
ss- JJ Hardy, Rafael Furcal
3b- Evan Longoria
of- Andrew McCutcheon*
of- Cameron Maybin*
of- Josh Willingham
of- Carlos Lee
util/bench guys- Raul Ibanez, Ben Revere

sp- Felix Hernandez*, David Price*, Matt Cain*, Matt Moore*, Tommy Hanson*, John Danks, Josh Collmenter, Matt Harrison, Brian Matusz, Jarrod Parker
rp- Brian Wilson, Javy Guerra, Matt Thornton, Aroldis Chapman, Glen Perkins

I know I need to get rid of Montero, I’ve been trying to move him for a 1B but most are comfortable seeing what they have at C for the first few weeks before they make a move. Ackley plays the IF spot for me, we’ve got one of those.

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    • David Pearson Longoria was kept, sorry, forgot the *

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Andrew Scherber How many teams?

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson ‎14 team league, 5th year

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Andrew Scherber Damn, good squad

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson I made a huge trade last year that helped me a lot this year but also sealed my fate at the time for that season. This is post-Posey injury. Interestingly enough I ended up getting Hanson back a few weeks later for pennies on the dollar after his shoulder flared up.

      I traded
      Matt Kemp
      Tommy Hanson

      I got
      Buster Posey
      Evan Longoria
      Dustin Ackley
      Matt Moore
      Cam Maybin

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Andrew Scherber good lord, and your pitching is very solid as it is even losing Hanson

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson I gave up Ricky Romero last year in a trade or I’d have kept him over Hanson. Oh, and I gave up Michael Young in that big trade last year. Forgot about that. Getting Longoria back made losing him easy to take, and he should be due for a decline this year

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Andrew Scherber Is Ike Davis good? He’s the only guy on your team I haven’t heard of

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson he was excellent pre-injury last year, but he doesn’t offer that much power. OBP wise he’s a fine first basemen, I just think my team is lacking some power so I want to upgrade there.

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson I’m thinking about trying to buy low on Carlos Pena for some cheap homers but I’m not sure what I even want to trade at this point. Ibanez will be dropped if he doesnt get off to a scorching start so I’m hoping someone can be of service from the waiver wire

      3 hours ago · Like
    • Andrew Scherber Chris Parmalee!!!

      3 hours ago · Like
    • David Pearson also, there is no penalty for keeping players. You just get 12 per season. My only original players left from the first draft are Felix and Pedroia. And it’s a 12 team league, sorry. Thought it was 14 for some reason.
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