Week 2 Fantasy Pick-ups – All-In on McCluster

With Jamaal Charles reportedly done for the season with an ACL tear (MRI tomorrow), it’s time fantasy owners go all-in on Dexter McCluster.

I know, Thomas Jones will most likely assume primary-back duties (for now), but McCluster is a home-run hitter (much like Charles) that Todd Haley has tried to involve more thus far. And let’s not forget his most valuable asset, he’s WR eligible in ESPN and Yahoo leagues.  Everyone probably remembers the impact Marques Colston had in 2006 when he was TE-eligible, and more recently, Joe Webb as a WR-eligible Quarterback through the fantasy playoffs last season.  In my opinion, if McCluster stays healthy the rest of the way, he will be more valuable than both those guys were.  I don’t know about you, but being able to start 3 or more RB’s (depending on your flex positions) each week is pretty enticing.  Keep in mind that McCluster will still most likely maintain his slot-receiver duties when Jones is in at RB; which would set him up to possible touch the ball 20-25 times a game.

Prediction – 210 carries-1,150 yards-5 TD’s 40 rec-400 yards-3 TD’s


Now, for those of you who can’t join me on the McCluster bandwagon, here are a few other guys to think about.

QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick – BUF – Bills look good and he should throw for a lot of TD’s

QB – Andy Dalton – CIN – Marvin Lewis opened it up for him this week and he responded well.  Has great chemistry with Green, Simpson and Gresham.

WR – Denarius Moore – OAK – Should be the Raiders 1 or 2 from here on out.  Had a dominant camp and preseason, nice to see it translate to the regular season.

WR – Eric Decker – DEN – HOMER! No seriously, he’s taken over as the slot receiver in Denver.  Orton should continue looking for him even once Lloyd returns.

WR – David Nelson – BUF – Good compliment to Stevie Johnson, and Fitzpatrick can chuck it.

RB – Thomas Jones – KC – If you can’t get McCluster, or you’re a Charles owner.

RB – Daniel Thomas – MIA – Looked like the real deal this week.  Thomas should take over as the primary back soon.

RB – Roy Helu – WAS – Hightower dominated in the 1st half, and then the Shanahan-igans started.  Helu seems to see the zone-blocking very well and has much more burst than Hightower.  All Hightower owners beware!

TE – Fred Davis – WAS – Rex looks his way a lot, and Cooley doesn’t look like his old self.

TE – Dustin Keller – NYJ – Don’t know why this guy would be available, but if he is, snag him! Sanchez looks his way often in the Red-Zone.


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