Wolves Reportedly Shopping 2nd Overall Pick

According to ProBasketballTalk.com (an affiliate of NBC Sports), the Minnesota Timberwolves are “dangeling” the number 2 pick, and the Pacers are rumored to be interested.  As expected, the Wolves would most likely draft either Arizona forward, Derrick Williams, or Kentucky center, Enes Kanter, with that pick.  However, Williams’ position isn’t necessarily a need for the Wolves, and Kanter hasn’t played basketball competitively in almost a year.  What the Wolves need most is a veteran player who can step in and provide leadership and scoring from the guard position.  And that seems to be just what the Pacers are offering; but could the price be too steep?

The Pacers are said to be throwing Danny Granger’s name around in the trade, but are looking for the 2nd overall pick, and possibly Ricky Rubio or Michael Beasley in return.  I’d have no problem swapping the 2nd overall pick for Granger, straight up, but when you start involving Rubio or Beasley on top of it, I’d say no way.  I know Granger is a former all-star, and can certainly fill up the stat sheet, but dumping Rubio before he even has a chance to play his first NBA game could be disastrous.  I mean, c’mon Kahn, you’ve made us wait this long, why not see what he has to offer.  And if Beasley can improve his ball-handling and decision-making, he could prove more valuable than Granger at this point in their careers.

So, unless the Wolves can somehow finagle either a 2011 or 2012 first round pick, along with Granger from the Pacers, I just can’t justify trading away the 2nd overall pick and one of our budding stars.  My advice here, say no to the Pacers, keep shopping the pick and see what else is out there.  Worst-case scenario, we end up having to take Williams or Kanter, which isn’t all that bad if you really think about it.

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One Response to Wolves Reportedly Shopping 2nd Overall Pick

  1. ascherber says:

    Anything outside of #2 straight up for Granger would be a terrible deal for the Wolves.

    Beasley is only 22 and showed great promise, while Granger is already 28 and not on that elite level. In 1-2 years, I can see Beasley being a better player than Granger anyway. He clearly has talent, just needs to mature.

    And throwing Rubio into the trade… no. Even though I think Rubio is vastly overrated, you simply cannot give him away without getting a starting PG in return. Darren Collison is solid, but I would just as soon hold onto Ricky if you think he will come and play here.

    If Indiana offered Collison, their own pick AND Roy Hibbert, I’d consider it. Beasley, Rubio and #2 for Collison, Granger and Hibbert… maybe, but the Pacers wouldn’t do that trade since the whole point of them wanting #2 is to pair a good PF next to Hibbert.

    Kahn better not do this. But his thinking might be, “I have to win some games in 2011-2012 to save my job,” so he might consider it… and if he does, he should be fired on the spot.

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