Harmon Killebrew 1936-2011

No matter how terrible this year has been for our Minnesota sports teams on the field, court and ice, losing someone like Harmon Killebrew to cancer really puts things in perspective for us fans.

It’s easy to laud him for his incredible baseball talent and historic power numbers that he amassed during his time in the majors, but honestly, simply speaking about his playing career wouldn’t do him justice.

Harmon Killebrew represented everything that so many current professional athletes lack: grace, class, humility and loyalty.

While his home run numbers are prodigious, it is these human characteristics that made Killebrew the great man that he was in our eyes as Minnesotans.  His impact on the Twins franchise and baseball in Minnesota even during his final years of life is undeniable as evidenced by the amazing number of young fans who never even got to see him play but still mourn his death as if he was one of their favorite childhood heroes.

Rest in peace, Mr. Killebrew.  You will be missed.  Your legacy will undoubtedly live on.  Thank you.

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