More McNabb Talk?

Rejoice, Vikings fans, it looks like your new 2011 quarterback could be another really old quarterback.

According to multiple sources, including Mark Craig, Adam Schefter and the always reliable Charlie “Shooter” Walters, it appears as though the Donovan McNabb to Minnesota rumors are back and stronger than ever.

Craig is reporting in his Star Tribune blog that the Vikings have interest in the 34-year-old McNabb, and Schefter tweeted that he believes the interest is mutual.

The rumors come as somewhat of a surprise because much of the early McNabb to Minny steam was a result of the Philadelphia connection between the quarterback and former coach Brad Childress.

But even with Childress thankfully gone, signing McNabb makes a lot of sense for a team hoping that their ever-shrinking window of opportunity for a championship can remain open for at least a few more seasons with the current nucleus of talent they have.

Obviously, the Vikings’ dream scenario would be for either Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton, the only two first-round quarterbacks in the 2011 draft worthy of the No. 12 selection, to fall to them, but it doesn’t appear that that will happen (we at LO10KL believe both will be gone by No. 4).

Fellow rookies-to-be Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett and Andy Dalton would each be a bit of a reach at No. 12, especially for a Vikings team that needs to fill other needs, specifically at OL, DE and DB.

So signing McNabb might be the best option for the Vikings, and would allow them to take advantage of much better value at other positions at 12.

Sure, McNabb was at best, inconsistent last year and was brutally bad at times, but he wasn’t exactly commanding a juggernaut offense in Washington.  Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong were solid, but nothing special, and the running game led by Ryan Torain was mostly non-existent last season.

Being surrounded by a (hopefully) healthy Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Adrian Peterson and Visanthe Shiancoe would definitely help McNabb rebound, especially if Minnesota’s offensive line play improves (and frankly, it would be hard for it not to after last year).

In addition, as Craig reports in his blog, McNabb would come cheaply.  Due a $10 million roster bonus, it appears as though Washington is prepared to release him if they can’t get a late-round draft pick in exchange for him (once the CBA is figured out).

Either way, I think it’s worth a shot.  It isn’t the all-in, sell-your-soul risk that paying Brett Favre was, and McNabb is 34, not 41.  Get him in here for a reasonable price and see what he can do with the weapons that are in place in Minnesota.  Use your first round pick to address the DE, OT or WR position and hope one of the next-tier QBs falls to you in the second or fourth rounds.


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